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Throwing an event to remember? We would be happy to make sure all your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Use your photography on social media or showcase your event on your website. Even use the images to promote your next event. 

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We are a proud member of Emerge Event Collective, a group of event professionals who create unforgettable experiences by collaborating and bringing innovative solutions to every event.

As a member of SpotMyPhotos, we are committed to providing a seamless and private photo-sharing experience for our clients. With this platform, photos are automatically shared with individuals without the need for manual searching.

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corporate events

corporate events

Is your company throwing an event? Launching a product? Handing out trophies and awards? I capture corporate events so exciting that even the most boring accountant will be doing the Macarena by the end of the night! We're not just talking about awkward handshakes and stale sandwiches. I'm talking about capturing the spirit and energy of your event in a way that will make your coworkers and boss say "Wow, I didn't know we were capable of having that much fun!"


So, why should you choose me to be your corporate event photographer? Well, for starters, I won't make you say "cheese" unless you want to. I'll capture candid shots of you and your coworkers laughing, networking, and hopefully not spilling drinks on each other. I'm also really good at blending in with the crowd, not just because I am short. I won't be the gal with the giant camera blocking the dance floor. Instead, I'll be the gal who looks like he's having almost as much fun as you are. I have started a dance party a time or two. I'll capture the moments you didn't even know were happening, like your boss busting out some killer dance moves or your coworker sneaking another slice of cake.


 I don't just take photos - I tell a story. Whether you want to showcase your team's teamwork and camaraderie or document the success of a product launch, I'll capture all the details that make your event unique.


And don't worry about me getting in the way of your business. I'll work quickly and efficiently so you and your colleagues can get back to discussing KPIs, synergy and all those other business terms.

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