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Whether you want a studio look that is standard and can be duplicated for several people, or you want to highlight you in your working environment, I can help give you a professional headshot worthy of LinkedIn praise and maybe one that your parents will replace your 2nd grade photo with. It’s at least worth a mention.

Throwing an event to remember? We would be happy to make sure all your hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Use your photography on social media or showcase your event on your website. Even use the images to promote your next event. 

From wine to whiskers (ok, not exactly a product but they have things too!), I can help showcase your products in their best light. Get it. Photography, light. Ok, I am done now. Promise.


But really, lets capture some images that really scream “Buy me, you won’t regret it!”.



Optional Add-on:​​

Professional Hair or Makeup Professional Hair & Makeup


Host your Headshots onsite at Pink Poppy Media Studio for no extra fee.

Offsite Photo Session $300 fee

you choose the location, either in the office or outdoors


15 to 20 mins per person



One image per person



The Main Peeps

(2 to 4 people)



The Peeps & Their Peeps

(5 to 9 people)



The Whole Crew

(10 to 20 people)


Individual Headshot

$200 session fee

$100 per digital image

corporate events

corporate events



​make a splash with your product

  • indoor studio

  • outdoor product options

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